Business Foundations

Business Foundations

Business Foundations


September, 2017

Advanced Accounting

The BDG Group really knows how to get down to business with all members arriving prepared and eager to make the most out of each session. A quick and concise board report from each member showed the group how each business was developing as a result of the new tools they’d gained from BDG.

Building on the personal foundations the group had lain down in the last session, this month the group explored business foundations.  Now the group focused on identifying their customers and their needs, as a crucial step to making sure they had a product or service that was marketable.  Next the group worked through establishing the right price to meet the needs of the customer and the business to achieve a win-win situation for both parties.  While this process was a reasonably easy one it was an excellent illustration of a step that is crucial yet so easily overlooked.

Exploring personal visions for business was identified as an important motivating factor – the concept that drives business owners to achieve their goals.  Group members had to ask themselves ‘why am I doing this’?

Finally the group learnt about the importance of injecting their uniqueness into their businesses. They explored what made them special, identifying in each other traits that members may not have identified in themselves and recognising how this may appeal to their customers and their work colleagues.