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Profit Strategies

Session 9 - Profit Strategies As usual the Business Development Group shared their board reports to open their meeting.  As the group has come to know each other and gain insight into each others’ businesses, it has become an interesting time to touch base and hear...

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Financial Health Strategies

Session Eight – Financial Health Strategies While for many people financial material might be the most boring part of running a business, it is often the most neglected and yet the most crucial element to success. Maintaining good financial health strategies is a...

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Systemisation Strategies

Session Seven – Systemisation Strategies This month the BDG explored systemisation, why to have systems, how to tackle the task of creating them and which systemisation strategies work best. The entire group agreed that putting good systems in place was the key to...

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What have we learnt so far?

Session Six – What have we learnt so far? This month the BDG took the opportunity to recap and consolidate all that they’d learned so far.  It was a great opportunity to see how much they’d all learned and reflect on what changes they’d made in response to new...

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Session Five – Business Strategies

Beginning with Organisational structure the group were easily able to help each other identify key responsibilities within their businesses which allowed them to reflect on their role/s, and those which needed to be filled as their businesses grow. Thinking about...

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