“Helping Passionate Business Owners achieve their goals doing what they love”.

At Advanced Accounting in Manawatu we are more than just accountants. Your business is not just a number to us; we value our relationships with our clients and are passionate about helping your business to thrive. Whether you’re doing business in your gumboots or in the boardroom we’re eager to help you set and reach your goals.

Not everybody gets as excited about numbers as us, that’s why we’re here. You take care of your business and we’ll account for the numbers. We’re not going to try to impress you with flashy lingo, if you just want to hear it in plain English, then we’re happy to talk your language.

Advanced Accounting’s diverse team brings a lot to the table so we’ve got the experience needed to understand your particular business. We take into account your needs and tailor a package that’s perfectly balanced for you.

Accounting bills can be scary right? We don’t like unexpected bills to be a barrier for our clients, so we agree on pricing upfront so you won’t have to worry…

While we’re happy to welcome you to our premises to discuss your business we understand the time pressure that businesses have, so we’re perfectly happy to come to you. We know business happens in milking sheds, at the kitchen table, at your office or practically anywhere but we’re adventurous, and we want to know your business inside and out.

Call Advanced Accounting today, we can’t wait to talk about your business.